Join team Orthoquest and Kelowna Kinesiology for an ongoing run series aimed to help you run smarter, not harder!

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RunQuest is an in-person run series offered every Tuesday and Thursday with group coaching led by Running Mechanics Professionals, Certified Pedorthists, and Kinesiologists. Look forward to weekly runs, learning new running drills and skills, access to live virtual fitness classes, on-demand classes, educational content, and wellness workshops. Also receive 15% off on retail products including shoes, socks, fitness equipment and other non-medical products.

This group is like no other in the Okanagan. Perfect for those learning to run, people who run for run, for those with a specific goal or race in mind. No running experience is necessary.

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When it comes to running, everyone has different skill levels. We understand that, which is why we offer 3 seperate RunQuest groups. No matter how experienced you are, we have a class for you!

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Group A: Bring your "A" Game

A perfect fit for those who have previously ran marathons, half-marathons, and want to continue improving their run careers.

Group B: Building Strength & Speed

Looking to get back into running or improve your overall pace? This group incorporates short and long distances dedicated to setting you up for running success.

Group C: Back to Basics

Suitable for anyone who is injured, recovering from a injury, or wants a great walk and strength workout. A mix of drills, agility, power and endurance walking.

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Whether you're an experienced runner or a beginner who's trying to get into it, RunQuest is here to help you run smarter, not harder!